Michael Schmitt, Innovation Engineer & Digital Technologist.

Shaping the digital future.

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Engineering meets marketing.

Combining the skill sets of two worlds.

Bridging the worlds between technology and marketing by understanding different fields of expertise. I combine insights and methods in new ways that add business value. Whether this is by analyzing and seeing new business opportunities or by building design-driven technological solutions with the user in mind.

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Michael Schmitt - Taking advan­tage of digital technologies.

Taking advan­tage of digital technologies.

A digital strategy is essential to take advantage of the growing opportunities of new technologies. I have more than answers to digital questions. I lead companies from vision to application of new technologies, resulting in stronger digital capabilities. These range from efficient processes to new customer exploration.

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Michael Schmitt - Differentiating digital products and services.

Differentiating digital products and services.

Interacting with digital products and technologies is highly effected by a person's emotions and attitudes about using a particular product, system or service. I focus on making digital systems work in the way users would expect it. This involves several disciplines, like customer journey analytics, information architecture, content strategy, usability testing or user experience design.

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Michael Schmitt - Building better customer relationships with technology.

Building better customer relationships.

Applying data-driven marketing is crucial for the distribution of products and services. One of my major skill in supporting brands is the generation of insights from data related to customers. I apply different techniques to build better customer relations and to increase revenues bit by bit. These include personalization, segmentation or behavioral targeting.

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Michael Schmitt - Increasing the mar­keting return on invest with growth hacking.

Increasing the mar­keting return on invest.

The main benefit of using marketing technologies is the automation of repetitive tasks. Increasing marketing effectiveness on multiple channels, I apply technologies to automate customer segmentation, customer data integration and campaign management. I use different automation strategies and technologies to plan, coordinate, manage and measure marketing activities.

My ventures.

Shaping the digital future.

Michael Schmitt - Venture Gravitales GmbH
Gravitales is a design and innova­tion company. Together with a great team, we develop digital products and intermediary communi­cation solutions. We also advise companies as an innovation think tank.
Michael Schmitt - Venture mii ventures GmbH
mii.ventures is a technology incu­bator and invest­ment company for new digital business models. The company provides the digital infra­­structure and is therefore the starting point for new innovation projects.

You'll find work samples, all about current and past ventures on the company websites.

Michael Schmitt - Innovation Engineer & Digital Technologist

6+ years working on innovation projects.

Hi, I'm Michael Schmitt.

My personal mission for the past years has been to help companies large and small applying digital technologies and developing digital products resulting in happier, better-served customers and higher sales.

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Innovation Engineer & Digital Technologist.

I'm a visionary, creative and communicative entrepreneurial mind with a technical background, analytical thinking and strong affinity towards design. With more than six years experience in innovation projects, I have advanced expertise in developing innovative products and embedding them into digital business models. As founder and CEO I have firsthand startup knowledge. Besides my passion for new technologies, I work effectively as team member, team leader and independently.

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Background in Engineering, Marketing & Innovation.

My academic education began in engineering. I hold a German ”Engineer Diploma” from University of Applied Würzburg-Schweinfurt since 2012. In 2015, I've completed my Masters Degree in Management & Innovation from Steinbeis School of Management and Innovation, Berlin.

You can find more information about me on Linkedin or write me a message.

Workshops. Seminars. Keynotes.

A passion for sharing knowledge.

Talking about digital innovations, data-driven marketing and new digital technologies is crucial and a lot of fun. From my experience, many organizations suffer from misunderstandings and misconceptions about data and digital technologies. I can fix that: You can hire me to run workshops or for a speaking engagement on topics like ”Digital technologies”, ”Developing digital business models”, ”Artificial intelligence in content marketing”, or ”Chatbots”.

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The power of data.

The ”Power of Data” in 20 Slides and 20 seconds per slide at the Gründerstammtisch Würzburg in October 2015.

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Send me an email if you want to book me for a speaking engagement or if you want to turn a digital idea into reality.

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