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The social news app

The social news app

If you want to be well-informed, you must research the latest news and trends on numerous channels and platforms every day. There isn't always time for that …

As one of my first digital products, I developed the Echogramm, a social news app for businesses. The app aggregates and curates the most relevant content in your industry.

Echogramm - brand

A fresh breeze in your filter bubble

Echogramm subscribers benefit from numerous features to manage the daily flood of information. First, trusted content from magazines, blogs, and news portals is collected centrally in one place. There, it is filtered by topic and relevance - with interactions and social scores helping you to identify the most relevant topics quickly.

Echogramm - Product demo

The social score

As a primary indicator of relevance, the Echogramm crawls websites, blogs, or magazines and retrieves the related engagement of articles in social media networks, like Facebook likes, Twitter shares, or Pinterest pins and combines them to a relevance score.

Echogramm - social score

Technology architecture

The Echogramm is available as Next.js-based Progressive Web App (PWA) for Mobile, Tablets, and Desktop. This way, it provides a native app-like experience without high costs for maintaining different apps for different platforms. The frontend retrieves its data from a GraphQL API based on Apollo Server, connected to several microservices and web scraper.

Echogramm - technology architecture

Stay up-to-date in your industry

In three proven steps, you get your industry Echogramm: After ordering your Echogramm, an editorial team curates the most relevant channels and media in your industry. In the second step, your Echogramm is created. The selected channels are integrated, and the app is set up for you. If you wish, we can personalize the app's design for your company. The news app is set up - from now on, you will receive regular updates, newsletters, and evaluations on everything that moves your industry.

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